The asssociation

Who we are?

History of the Association

Imagined by a Breton, Mr. Jean Manquat in the 90s, the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World was born at the Berlin Tourism Fair in February 1997, thanks to the three founding fathers, Michel Met, Hervé Légo, and Bruno Bodard.The early vision was to explore how to reconcile tourism development and preservation of ecosystems.

Between 1998 and 2003, several Bays united to build together what the association is today, an international organization dedicated to tourism and sustainable development.

The founding bays are: Gulf of Morbihan – Bay of Along – Bay of Sommes – Bay of Tadoussac – Bay of Bodrum – Bay of Agadir – Bay of Bantry – Bay of Porto Girolata – Bay of Mont Saint Michel – Bay of San Francisco .

The association of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, 25 years later, brings together 42 bays from Europe, Asia, Africa, and of the Americas.

Presidents in the history of the association:

Michel Met (President fonder) de 1997 à 2000 Golf du Morbihan France 

Guy Rousset President de 2000 à 2006 Baie de Tadoussac, Québec Canada

Jérôme Bignon President de 2007 à 2012 Baie de Somme France

Galip Gür President de 2012 à 2015 Baie de Bodrum, Turquie

Maria Das Dores Meira  Presidente de 2015 à 2018, Setubal, Portugal

Michel Bulold President de 2018 à 2022, Baie des Chaleurs, Canada

Louis Thébault President, Baie du Mont Saint Michel, France