The association

The word from the president

Dear friends of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World,

A quarter of a century ago, visionaries had the idea of ​​bringing together key coastal sites to share thoughts and experiences in the service of sustainable development.

It was in March 1997 in Berlin during the ITB World Tourism Fair that the “Most Beautiful Bays in the World” Association was created. What a long way we’ve come since then!

Today, more than forty bays from five continents make up our global network. And many candidates aspire to be part of it.

Why the bays?These natural sites best symbolize the junction between maritime and terrestrial spaces. Although attractive and coveted, the bays are particularly vulnerable to human pressure and exposed to extreme climatic phenomena.

Through constant volunteer commitment, our organization works to make its voice heard and promote positive change.

We have chosen science as our main ally, cooperation with national and international organizations, including the United Nations, as a vector for moving forward, and the involvement of young people as a guarantee of a promising future.

Our action is ambitious, useful and necessary on substantive issues. From sustainable development to the preservation of the marine environment against pollution, from the conservation of biodiversity to the development of local know-how, or even the strengthening of human links so necessary in a world more divided than ever.

For us residents of these coastal areas, the bays are our home. We have no choice but to preserve them.

Louis Thébault, President of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Association