South Korea

Yeosu Bay

Yeosu is located in the center of the southern coast of Korea with the area of 512km2 and 365 beautiful islands.

It is a small city with a population of approximately 280,000, while it is Korea’s leading marine tourism city with 13 million tourists annually. Moreover, Yeosu is also renowned as a MICE certified city with well-equipped tourism infrastructure and accommodations after the 2012 Yeosu International Exposition.

Yeosu Bay consists of 5 bays including Gamak Bay, Yeoja Bay, Jangsu Bay, Gwangyang Bay and Yeosu Gulf and recognized in 2009 as a member of the association of the world’s most beautiful bays.

In order to realize the era of ‘Yeosu Bay Renaissance’, our city is aiming for sustainable development by hosting the 2026 Yeosu World Island Exhibition based on the characteristics of 5 bays and 365 islands.