Toyama Bay membership
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Toyama Bay membership


The most Beautiful BAYS in the WORLD membership commemoration monument. On November 3rd, 2014, a ceremony celebrating Toyama Bay’s induction into the Most Beautiful Bays



in the World Club was held in the Kaiwo Maru Park. The monument commemorating Toyama Bay’s membership was unveiled, to the excitement of Toyama citizens.




As another way to celebrate Toyama Bay’s membership, special postage stamps were designed, and went on sale on November 3rd.


1500 sheets of these limited edition stamps have been printed, and they come in a set of 10 82-yen stamps, each displaying a different scene from Toyama Bay.



A poster commemorating Toyama Bay’s membership as one of the most beautiful bays in the world has also been created,



and 1,000 copies have been printed. The poster invites people to “Relax in Toyama – Come enjoy a bay recognized as one of the world’s finest.”