The 10th World Congress of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World
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The 10th World Congress of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World


This very well organized 5-day World Congress was generously hosted by the city government of Yeosu led by its Mayor Ju Cheolhyeon who understood the great importance of showing to the participating World’s Most Beautiful Bays delegations the exceptional beauty of its 3 bays and the numerous tourist attractions of Yeosu which is dubbed as “the Center of International Marine Tourism“, which also hosted the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. The hosts provided a rich variety of Korean cultural performances at the beginning of every luncheon and dinner throughout the 5-day event and treated all the delegates to a long cruise on board a chartered boat to Sodo Island, known for its pre-historic dinosaur footprints, a visit to the Aqua Planet Aquarium in Expo 2012 complex where there was an impressive live performance of 3 female apnea divers in the ocean’s depth teeming with a great variety of live marine species, and a visit to renowned landmarks of Yeosu. The highlight of the entertainment program was the spectacular high-tech water and laser light “Big-O-Show” at the open-air amphitheater of the Expo 2012 site.


The 10th World Congress was divided into 2 parts:

The 1st part consisted of the official opening of the 10th World Congress marked by welcoming speeches of Yeosu’s top government officials at the Grand Ballroom of Hidden Bay Hotel, a 5-star hotel located along Yeosu’s most beautiful bay which offers breath-taking panorama of the bay and its 365 islets (where all the delegates were also billeted for 5 days, free of charge). The 1st part also included a presentation of Yeosu’s major environmental concerns and the many challenges faced by Yeosu bay regarding development and sustainability.

The 2nd part of the World Congress is the General Assembly of all the member-bays of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, which was held at the Grand Hall of the Korean Pavilion of the Expo 2012 site. Each member-bay made a presentation of its bay and its activities in the past recent years. Two new member-bays were officially admitted to the Club after a consensus vote:  Toyama Bay from Japan and Al Hoceima Bay from Morocco.

Yeosu City, South Korea, October 16-20, 2014