Location of bays

Taking into account the 19 years that have passed since the Club was founded and in order to confirm the decisions taken over this period, the members present at the Extraordinary General Meeting in Puerto Vallarta, decided to change the Association Statutes as follows:

Beforehand, the members solemnly reaffirmed their commitment to the Charter uniting them and constituting the foundations of the Club.


The Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club was constituted on 10 March 1997 in Berlin in Germany.
The Club was constituted in the form of an association governed by French law, named: CLUB DES PLUS BELLES BAIES DU MONDE. The name of the Club can be translated into the languages of member countries after seeking the approval of the committee
The Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club is comprised of bays, which are either active members or benefactors, as defined in Article 4 and according to the membership criteria defined in Article 5.
Aim of the Club

To bring together different bays located on all continents within the Club. To favour multilateral exchange between the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club members on environmental, social, economical and tourism related themes.

To permit the transfer of experience and expertise between Club members in relation to promotion, protection, conservation, enhancement and tourism, economic and social development.

To favour social, cultural, sports, business and industrial exchange between the populations of the member bays through the activities of the Club. If the need arises, to favour the conservation or improvement of each bay’s environmental conditions and their protection, and to provide access to research and scientific studies through which the objectives of conservation and tourism, economic and social development can be attained.

To act as a spokesperson for the members in order to defend them from any environmental damage within a sustainable development perspective.

To favour exchanges, networking and dialogue with international organisations, universities and research centres, whose aims and purposes consolidate the interests of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club, its members and their populations.

To enable all businesses to adhere to the Club’s aims.

To host, provide resources or circulate information to members, guaranteeing the best possible communication between the Club and its members.

To obtain local, national and international recognition and to use this publicity to express an opinion on subjects concerning the Club.

The registered office of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club is at Vannes City near by the Golfe du Morbihan.

The registered office of the Club could be transferred to anywhere in France following a decision of the board. Its transfer to another country would require the agreement of its members beforehand at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Active member
An “active member” is any bay meeting the admission criteria defined in Article 5 and fulfilling the following obligations:
– 1) Is up to date with their annual membership fee
– 2) Participates in the life of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club and in at least one official Club activity every year, these being:
– World congress
– Annual general meeting
– Staying in communication with the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club either directly or through the “International Exchange Hub”.
– 3) Observes the Charter, the aims and objectives of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club
Founder members
The following members are “founder members” and, for this reason, shall automatically be invited to take part in any official Club meeting:
Mr. Michel Met, Founder presidentMr. Hervé Laigo, Founder TreasurerMr. Bruno Bodard, Founder General Secretary
Benefactor members
A “benefactor member” is any individual or organisation that financially or materially contributes to the development of the Club, according to the following criteria:
– Adheres to the Charter, as well as to the aims and objectives of the Club. A two third majority of the board can accept or refuse the application of a benefactor member.
Honorary members
“Honorary members” are individuals or legal entities having rendered a service brought to the attention of the Club.

Any indentation in the maritime or ocean coastline (bay, rocky inlet, delta, fjord, gulf, estuary).
Any public institution, local authority or association authorized to represent the applying bay is entitled to submit an application.
After checking the forms’ conformity, the General Secretary will send them to the committee.
The committee will invite the applying bay to make their presentation, in keeping with the Club charter, aims and objectives, at the Annual General Meeting.
The applicant bay must demonstrate that it possesses at least two features meeting the UNESCO criteria, in the CULTURAL ASSET or NATURAL ASSET categories, as defined in the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club Charter.
The Committee has commissioned a delegation of two people responsible for presenting a written report enabling the Club to judge whether the applicant bay meets the required criteria.
The next Annual General Meeting shall decide on their membership.
The position of member can be lost through:ResignationBeing struck offExclusion

The position of member can be lost through: – Resignation
– Being struck off
– Exclusion
If a member has not paid its membership fee, it will receive notification reminding it of its commitment. If without valid reason, the membership fee still has not been paid, the Committee will start the exclusion procedure which will give rise, following a report by the General Secretary, to a vote at the AGM.
Once the bay is struck off the Club list, it will receive no further communication from it and will be removed from the Internet site and any official document. It will no longer be authorized to use the logo and image. It will no longer be invited to Club meetings.
Periodical assessment
Every 5 years, the Committee shall assess all the member bays, in order to ensure that they still adhere to the membership conditions.

Any member that through direct negligence should be responsible for violating the statutes or that is non-compliant with the aims and objectives of the Club will be struck off by a normal majority resolution at the AGM, on the suggestion of the General Secretary.

Any member that is up to date with its membership fee that has not taken part in any of the official Club meetings:
– Board meeting
– Annual General Meeting – World congress
Activities devoted to its own Bay Club (website, sub-committee, international exchange hub) for a consecutive 24-month period without valid excuse, shall be considered inactive and the exclusion procedure could be undertaken.

Every 5 years, the Committee shall assess all the member bays, in order to ensure that they still adhere to the membership conditions.

The Club’s main source of financing is through the annual membership fee of each of its members. Can be added to these, donations and subsidies, as well as any resources related to the Club’s activities.

The sum of the annual membership fee and their terms of distribution are fixed at the AGM.No expense higher than €1.000 shall be agreed to, or paid without the written agreement of the president.

The Committee is comprised of eleven people: – A President
– A President elect
– An Immediate Past President – The Secretary General
– The Vice Secretary General
– The Treasurer
– The Vice Treasurer
Four Vice-Presidents
– Asia-South Seas
– Americas – Europe
– Africa

The Committee and the President is elected at the AGM for a three (3) year renewable period.
At the end of these three years the President elect becomes the President. As for the President, he becomes the Immediate Past President during the mandatory office of the new President with a deliberative vote. Then only Past President without a deliberative vote. In the event of a vacancy, the next Committee shall proceed with permanent replacements. The powers of the members elected in this way shall end as would have the term of the replaced members.
The president is elected for a period of three (3) years. To be elected, the president must obtain a majority of votes from the member bays.
The president is authorized to represent the Club in all civil matters.

Ordinary general meeting
The Ordinary General Meeting includes all the association members, whose membership fee is up to date; in whatever capacity they are affiliated. Each member present shall hold only one proxy.
Written notifications to attend shall be sent to each member at least 30 days prior to the date of the Ordinary General Meeting. These shall include the agenda.
A quorum has not been set for deliberation. It shall therefore be held with the members present.

The majority is fixed at more than half the votes of the members voting. Should there be a tie; the president shall have the casting vote.
The Ordinary General Meeting shall be held every year.

The president together with the committee members shall chair the Annual Meeting and discuss the association’s activities and financial dealings throughout the year. The Treasurer shall make his financial report and submit this for the approval of the members. After the agenda has beendealt with, where required, the election of members to replace outgoing Committee members shall be carried out.

If required, the president can send out notification of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), following the formalities indicated in article 7.

Extraordinary general meeting
Written notification to attend
On the request of more than half of the members of the board, the president must send out notification of an EGM, following the same methods.

The EGM is the only meeting at which the statutes can be changed. It can also decide the dissolution of the Association or the attribution of assets to the Association, its merger with any other association with a similar aim, or its membership to a union of associations, suggested by the president.

In includes all the Association members, whose membership fees are up to date, in whatever capacity they are affiliated.

Each member present shall only detain one single proxy.

The decisions made at the EGM must be made with a two thirds majority of the members present or represented.

Rules and regulations
The Association’s Rules and Regulations can be drawn up by the Committee who must then have it approved at the Annual General Meeting. The purpose of these rules and regulations is to set out various points that are not covered by the statutes.
The duration of the association is unlimited

In the event of dissolution being pronounced by at least two thirds of the members present at the Annual General Meeting, one or severer receivers shall be named by it and the assets, if there are any, shall be devolved, in accordance with the French regulations in force, cf. law dated 1st July 1901 and decree dated 16 August 1901.

Made at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 1st November 2016