New headquarters in Vannes
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New headquarters in Vannes


Although the idea of establishing an association of the World’s most beautiful bays was initiated by its three founding members in Vannes, the city of Morbihan Bay in Britttany, France, and finally came into existence with the adoption of its statutes in Berlin in 1997, it has never had an office of its own.

Until this year it has operated out of Vannes’s official tourist office in conjunction with the staff of the member Bay of the Gulf of Morbihan whose President is the Mayor of Vannes.   From there regular contact had to be maintained with the Association’s principal officers, including the President who lives in Turkey, the Secretary General in Canada, the Vice-Presidents in most of the main continents. This office also had to provide the home base for the now nearly forty Member Bays around the World and play an important role in the organisation of the World Congresses that are held in a different Member Bay every year.


The obvious need to have its own office arose last year in a conversation between the President, Galip Gur, and the Mayor of Vannes, David Robo, who immediately recognised that the Association, which is recognised by UNESCO and supported by the French government, had grown to a point where it ought to have a proper headquarters of its own.

The Mayor made this a priority, and the new office was officially opened on 17 September 2014 by the Mayor and President (see photo).

 As the Association continues growing and takes on new responsibilities – for instance it is now engaged with the United Nations Environment Programme in the elaboration of a “green passport” manual on the good practice of tourists in Member Bays – the new office will be even more essential for the efficient functioning of the Association and fulfilment of its worthy aims.