Diego Suarez Bay
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General information about Diego Suarez Bay

The bay of Diego Suarez is located at the extreme north of Madagascar and holds the name of two Portuguese navigators: Diego Diaz and Admiral Suarez (XVI century).

It consists of four main bays, one of which has a “sugarloaf” considered locally as a crowned place.

Its main city, Antsiranana, is located on a promontory, and its port, formerly a military harbour, is presently the island’s second most important commercial port. The area of Diego Suarez, a sum of all the reliefs and climates of the island, includes the important Tamber Mountain National Park.

La baie de Diego Suarez est située à l’extrême nord de Madagascar et elle tient son nom de deux navigateurs portugais, Diego Diaz et l’amiral Suarez (XVI siècle).

Elle est composée de quatre baies principales dont l’une a un îlot nommé le « Pain de sucre », considéré localement comme un lieu sacré.

Sa ville principale, Antsiranana, est située sur un promontoire et son port, autrefois un port militaire, est actuellement le deuxième plus important port commercial de l’île. La baie de Diego Suarez, un mélange de tous les reliefs et climats de l’île, comprend l’important parc national la Montagne d’Ambre.

Natural Environment
Rock coasts
Tropical at season dries (savanna)
Annual average : 26,5 °C
Thermal amplitude : from 21°C to 32°C
Annual : 894 mm
Distribution : Dec-march
Biogeographic Classification
Tropical dry forest (Afrotropic)
Human Environment
Malgache, French
Local Economy
Fishing - Agriculture - Maritime transport -Tourism
Population (inhab.) : 80 000
Density (inhab/km2) : 100
Human Development Index
Ecological Footprint
Heritage and Credentials
Natural Heritage
'Sugar loaf', forests primary, mangrove
Cultural Heritage
'Maritime history: Arab corsairs and Indians (XIII), Europeans (XVII and XVIII) ; French military aerea (1885)
regional traditions (ex: Nosy Longo, crowned place) Alive traditions'
Coastal Management
Criteria retained by the club
BN 5 : Coherent and homogeneous unity ; BC 6 :Alive traditions
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