Change of Presidency of the Club
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Change of Presidency of the Club

The Presidency passes to Setubal Bay


Distinguished guests, esteemed members of the Club, dear friends;

It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I am honoured to take today, on behalf of the Setúbal Bay, the presidency of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World.

The responsibility of this mandate is enormous as it follows the exemplary presidency of Mr Galip Gur from Bodrum Bay, Turkey, who deserves the applause of all the club partners.

Also to be noted, the more than deserved tribute to the founders of the Club, which 20 years ago had the vision to create an association to preserve and improve the conditions of each bay, not compromising the future and defending the environment, marine species and the survival of local populations resources.

The great responsibility now generously entrust to Setúbal will be, I promise you, undertaken with commitment and determination, but mostly with a sense of mission. Because, for us, the Club celebrates mainly the union between the peoples of the Earth, articulating in a functional and harmonious way their differences and idiosyncrasies.

More than the exuberance of the landscape, what is fascinating in this Club is its human diversity. More interesting than the beaches and marinas, are customs and traditions. More valuable than the resorts, hotels and golf clubs are the environmental, cultural, historic, linguistic, ethnic and social heritages. 

And as it is the sea that unites us all, connecting the different cultures and sensibilities, this presidency will devote special attention to environmental protection, supporting and promoting projects that protect the living oceans and its universal vocation.


The paradigm of this cycle of hard work that is now beginning is one of convergence, but convergence that respects diversity. And embraces the ecological heritage of this beautiful blue planet.

We are committed to contribute decisively to the assertion of the Club and we strongly desire to see concrete proposals discussed in the Assembly, of which we can highlight:

  • Identification of all the club’s bays, through a globally standardized signage and celebration, on a global scale, of the World Bay’s Day;
  • Creation of the Bays Garden;
  • Creation of a sailboats route linking all the bays;
  • Wide divulgation of the bays, backed on a strong media visibility of what we can offer the world;
  • Creation of merit awards for innovative and ecological proposals regarding the protection of the bays.

These are the proposals to be discussed and approved, or not, by the board.

Of course, the view we advocate is not possible without your collaboration. As we will work to the benefit of all, we appeal to everyone to work with us also. We need your wisdom. And your experience.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude for the vote of confidence in the team that now takes the strategic and executive leadership. Trust us: we will strive to create value for the club and their peoples. United by the sea and driven by the tides, we can dream higher. We can do better.

Thank you very much.