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In this form you can apply to add a new bay on

Fill in the required information such as your name and email, the name of the bay and a small description of it. Most importantly, you can use the interactive map and move the pin at the exact location of the bay so we can easily find and research about it.

When the form is submitted, a confirmation email is being sent to you to let you know that we received the mail and the bay is under consideration. Usually we will contact you several times (that’s why we need your email) before we reach a final decision about the candidate bay. Please note that members that are inactive for long time periods or fail to meet certain criteria are being removed from the

Information about you
Submit your contact data
Information about the bay
Tell us why you think the bay should be included
Show on map
Drag the yellow pin on the location of the bay

Creteria of
Click on the creteria that you think the bay fulfills