Tadoussac Bay
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General information about Tadoussac Bay

The bay of Tadoussac is located on the estuary of the St. Lawrence at the junction of the Saguenay Fjord, Canada.

The Tadoussac village was called Totouskak by the indigenous Innu. The bay became the entrance door to the New World: the arrival of the french explorer Jacques Cartier in 1535, the creation of the first Canadian station of draft of furs (Breton, Norman, Basques but so Spanish or English) and, presently, the marine park who allows the observation of marine mammals, including the famous whales of the St. Lawrence, are some examples.

La baie de Tadoussac est située à l’estuaire du fleuve Saint-Laurent, au Canada, où elle joigne le fjord de Saguenay. Le nom «Tadoussak» est originaire des amérindiens montagnais et veut dire «mamelle».

Tadoussac est devenue la porte d’entrée du Nouveau Monde, d’abord avec l’arrivée de Jacques Cartier en 1535, puis en devenant le premier poste canadien de traite de fourrure (Bretons, Normans, Basques mais aussi Espagnols ou Anglais) et maintenant un parc marin permettant observer les mamifères marins, dont les célèbres baleines du Saint-Laurent.

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Natural Environment
Old submerged glaciated valley (fjord)
Climate at very cold, very long and a little wet winter
Annual average : 2 °C
Thermal amplitude : from -19°C to 23°C
Annual : 1080 mm
Distribution : All seasons
Biogeographic Classification
Temperate deciduous and coniferous (Néartic)
Human Environment
Local Economy
Tourism, handicraft, fishing
Population (hab) : 827
Density (hab/km2) : 50
Human Development Index
Ecological Footprint
Heritage and Credentials
Natural Heritage
Exceptional oceanographical phenomena due in particular to the topography of the funds (gone up underwater funds with a variation of 100 m to 50 m with the right of Tadoussac) and to the successive layers of water fresh waters of surface, very cold water increase (0 to -2 C) exits of the glaciers via the current of Labrador (Krill) - Significant biological diversity : plankton, fish, birds and mammals marine (13 species : rorquals, dolphins, marsoins, bélougas,..).
Cultural Heritage
Indian culture plurimillénnaire : Paleolithic (8000 to 4000 BC), of 1000 to our days ;traditional habitat of European origin of which vault (1747).
Coastal Management
Marine park of the Saguenay-Saint-Laurent (1 138 km2).
Criteria retained by the club
BN 6 : Plan of management (marine Park of Saguenay) ; BC 4 :Historical landscape (Village and vault of Tadoussac).
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