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The Îles des Saintes (“Islands of the Saints”), also known as Les Saintes, is a small archipelago of the French Antilles located to the south of Basse-Terre Island, west of Marie-Galante and north of Dominica. It is a dependency of Guadeloupe, which, in turn, is an overseas department and region of France.

It comprises nine small islands, including Terre de Haut, where the bay of “Les Saintes” is located.

Of a surface of 5.2 km², this bay is characterized by broken coasts, dominated by relatively low hills and with white sand beaches and coconuts. The cost of management of the public services of insularity (transport, access, water, energy, waste) constitutes the principal concern.

Les Saintes is a volcanic archipelago fully encircled by shallow reefs. It arose from the recent volcanic belt of the Lesser Antilles from the Pliocene Epoch. It is composed of rocks appeared on the Tertiary age between (4.7 to 2 million years ago). By origin, it was a unique island that the tectonic and volcanic earthquakes separated to create an archipelago due to the subduction zone between the South American plate, the North American plate and the Caribbean plate. Is composed of two very mountainous inhabited islands, Terre-de-Haut Island and Terre-de-Bas Island, with seven other uninhabited îslets.

Les Îles des Saintes, aux Antilles françaises, 12 km au sud de l’île de Guadeloupe, appartiennent à la chaîne volcanique séparant l’Océan Atlantique de la Mer des Caraïbes. Cet archipel réunit neuf îlots, dont Terre-de-Haut où on trouve la baie des Saintes.

Avec une surface de 5.2 km², cette baie est caractérisée par ses côtes cassées, dominée par des collines relativement baisses et limitée par des plages de sable blanc et des cocotiers. Le principal problème de la baie des Saintes est le coût des services publics et du transport d’eau, énergie et déchets.

Local Partners:
Natural Environment
Coast with hills of volcanic origin
Annual average: Annual range:
Annual: Distribution:
Biogeographic classification
Tropical Rainforest (Neotropical)
Human Environment
Local Economy
Tourism, Fishing, Artisanal Shipbuilding
Population(inhab.):1750 Density(inhab./km2):250
Human Development Index
Ecological Footprint
Heritage and Credentials
Natural Heritage
Melt underwater (caves, circuses, cracks...). Flora: Melo cactus (intortus). Fauna: Green and imbricated tortoises, iguana, pelicans, frigates, gannet, falcons, shells(lambis)
Cultural Heritage
Indians Caribbean (Tainos), 'Los Santos' (Christopher Colombus - 1493), Fort Napoleon, Wrecks
Coastal Management
Botanical academy, international charter of the plunger
Criteria retained by the club
BN 3: Aesthetic importance, BN 1: Geological process
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