Gulf of Morbihan - Bay of Quiberon
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General Information about Gulf of Morbihan – Bay of Quiberon

This bay, located in Brittany, France, is made up of two complementary areas with an equivalent surface area (approx. 120 km²).

The Golfe du Morbihan (“Mor-bihan” means “little sea” in Breton) corresponds to a coastal depression, linked to the ocean by a narrow channel (0.9 km) and dotted with many islands. With every tide, approximately 400 million m3 of seawater pour in and out of the gulf creating strong currents on a flat bottom, contributing to the creation of a maritime ecosystem of great biodiversity.

Quiberon Bay, looking onto the ocean, is protected by a long peninsula linked to the mainland by a tombolo (buildup of sand). This mosaic of terrestrial and marine environments is faced with a double challenge: the control of urbanization, the management of tourist and leisure activities.

Située en Bretagne, cette baie comprend deux zones complémentaires avec une surface équivalente d’approximativement 120 km².

Le Golfe du Morbihan (“Mor-bihan” = “petite mer” en breton) est une dépression côtière liée à l’océan par un étroit canal de 900 m de large et jalonnée d’îles. À chaque marée, 400 million de m³ d’eau de la mer rentrent et sortent du golfe, créant des courants forts sur son fond plat, contribuant à la création d’un écosystème maritime de grande biodiversité.

La baie de Quiberon, face à l’océan, est protégée par une longe péninsule liée au continent par un tombolo (un cordon de sédiments ou sable). Ce mosaïque d’environnements terrestres et maritimes fait face à un double challenge: le contrôle de l’urbanisation et la gestion des activités touristiques et de plaisir.

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Natural Environment
Indented low-lying coast:
Ocena climate with temperate summers and mild winters
Annual average : 12°2
Thermal amplitude : 4°3
Annual : 869 mm
Distribution: all seasons
Biogeographic Classification
Temperate deciduous forest (Western Palearctic)
Human Environment
Local Economy
tourism, shellfish farming, sailing industries, food industries, IT
Population (inhab.) : 150,000
Density (inhab/km2) : 100
Human Development Index
Ecological Footprint
Heritage and Credentials
Natural Heritage
Natrua 2000, ZPS, RAMSAR, ZICO, ZNIEFF, ZPC, ZSC, Listed Site, Nature Reserve, hunting reserves, properties of the Conservatoire du Littoral (Coastal Conservancy).
Cultural Heritage
Megalithic heritage of the Neolithic era (Carnac alignments, tumulus with wall art): highly diversified quality landscapes
Coastal Management
Currently under development: territorial cohesion plans, sea development plans, regional nature reserve
Criteria retained by the club
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